What a ridiculous act

Abigail worked in the ABC Company. As the company had just created, so many aspects of company were not perfect, especially the staff accommodation was not very good, there were many people living in one room. Abigail was just not used living there at first. But Abigail gradually got used to life at last.
However, to Abigail’s surprise, some employees in their company would steal her Karen Millen Dress drying on the outside, so they were often lost. At first, she thought they may be blown away by the wind. One day, she understood everything. It was a sunny day, her Karen Millen Dress disappeared, which could make female throbbing and show her confidence and sexy when they stranded before man. Women loved the charm and beauty that it brought to them. She realized that someone must steal it. She was very helpless and disappointed.
One morning, when she was on the way to work, she saw a woman wearing a set of Karen Millen Dress like her, she went up to ask, the woman called Olivia was guilty, saying that Karen Millen Dress was picked by a colleague and then sent her.
„Hello, where do you buy this Karen Millen Dress, it looks very beautiful on you, I want to buy one as well, could you tell me?“ Abigail asked
„Err, err, I do not know, my colleagues picked it up but she could not wear well, and then gave it to me.“ Olivia answered with a little Inverness.
„Well, really, could you tell me which friend of yours? I just lost a dress and I want to ask your friend to make sure if it is mimeo?“ Abigail said to her politely
Considering she was about to be revealed the secret, Olivia was so nervous that she had to tell the truth to Abigail at last.
Original, Olivia often stole the clothes of Abigail, because she liked Karen Millen Dress very much and had no money to buy of her own. Abigail was suddenly silent. She warned Olivia never to do such silly things from then on. Abigail was also very ashamed and put her clothes back. Since then, Abigail never lost her clothes.