A Little TLC

A Little TLC“ aka „TLC“ is a song written by Lynsey De Paul and Terry Britten about needing tender loving care. The song has been recorded by a number of artists starting with Japanese soul singer Marlene, where it was one of the tracks on her album Looking For Love, released on CBS/Sony in 1984. The band behind the children’s ground breaking real life/animation combination television show Kidd Video, also played the song on the show and it was featured as a track on the album The T.V. Show Hits, credited to Kidd Video and released in 1986. Hong Kong actor and singer Samuel Hui (Sam Hui) recorded a Chinese version of the song for that was featured in his movie Aces Go Places 3 aka Mad Mission 3 and the song was one of the 1986 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs.[citation needed] A remix of the song was released on the 1987 Sam Hui album Xin Qu Yu Jing Xuan and more recently on the CD Nan Wan Hsu Guan Jie Sam Hui 30 Nian (30 Years of Hits from Sam Hui). Boy band Menudo from Puerto Rico released their version entitled „TLC“ on their U.S. album Sons of Rock, which was released in 1988 with Ricky Martin as the lead singer of the song. Lynsey’s own version was finally released on The official Lynsey De Paul Music Store.